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Ideal qualities to install an industrial and logistics park.

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Setúbal, Portugal

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A connection to modernity, innovation and smart projects

Located in Portugal, the gateway to Europe, it provides access to exceptional infrastructures, able to guarantee the success of your enterprise. It also has other assets. It will be a structuring project for Portugal, comprising a multimodal platform over a 96ha site, with road-rail and maritime interfaces.

The site has a strategic position that places it among the best, with connections to the main international maritime routes. The quay, to be built, can be 800 m long and will have the capacity to berth two Panamax ships. It is located in the port of Setúbal. The port is always sheltered, with calm waters and it never closes.

The private railway, to be built, can operate up to 880 m long trains and will link to the national rail network and thus to the rest of Portugal, in particular Sines and Spain.

There are many other, besides location, reasons to invest in Portugal, it offers a better technology and infrastructures, companies and Market.


About the site

  • Regular orography with mild slopes which facilitates earth movements.
  • Soil characteristics provide for the easy construction of industrial and logistics facilities
  • Classified in the Setúbal Development Plan as an industrial zone.
  • With 380.000 m2 maximum construction capacity and the following infrastructures already in place: low and medium-voltage power networks, lighting and optic fibre communication networks (voice, data and cctv), treated household and industrial effluents, with connection to Cachofarra sewage treatment plant, drinking water and fire extinguishing networks, natural gas network and rainwater network with retention and flood control equipments.
  • Setúbal – Mitrena Industrial Zone – comprises a large shipyard, cement and paper mills, chemical and fertiliser industries, metal working facilities and an industrial waste treatment plant and many other facilities.


Find out all the details about this industrial property for sale here.

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Ideas that can be built

Included in the Sapecbay Industrial and Logistics Park, which has been developed using the best environmental and sustainability practices.

Due to its size, the land can be adapted for various purposes, whether industrial or logistics, promoting road, rail and maritime access.

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To be built

  • Quay
  • Viaduct
  • Simulation of industrial / logistics facilities
  • Private railway branch


  • Railway
  • Industrial and logistics park (Sapec Terminais Portuários, S.A.; Sapec Quimíca, S.A.; SPC; SOPAC, S.A.; Sapec Agro, S.A.; CITRI, S.A.; Cannon Hygiene Portugal, Lda.; Sapec Parques Industriais, S.A.)
  • Industries (Portucel; Alstom)
  • Infrastructures
Blueatlantic has the perfect accessibility and strategic positioning in terms of maritime routes
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Blueatlantic has access motorways to Lisbon, Sines and Spain | Portuguese sea port - Blueatlantic

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